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How Far We've Come

The community of Lincoln Park lacks access to fresh food because individuals and families cannot shop where produce is readily available. People are more likely to go to convenience stores for food, where the prices are high and there is less of a selection of fruits and vegetables. Besides being a low-income residential area, Lincoln Park does not have any nearby grocery stores for the community to buy fresh food. The nearest grocery store is located on Grand avenue. ( Super one) Low-income families need reliable transportation to and from the store to regularly access fresh produce. Our program will provide easy access to all food access on 28th avenue W.  

How our program will provide food access through, 

  1. Little fries food library. Our two food libraries will hold non-perishable food items and hygiene materials for community members in need.  

  2. Access to raise beds if a community member wants to grow their food and share with community members. 

  3. Monthly Food distribution site. Starting once our shed is complete, our location will receive donations from Harvest foods and other participating agencies, and we will redistribute them to community members in need. 


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